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15, iowa, vegan indie enthusaist

SW (1/6/13): 125.5 CW (2/28/14) 115
GW: 105
Height: 5'1

recovering from EDNOS, but working hard every day to be fit and healthy, both body and mind. message me with questions or to share your journey! xx

fitandbadass asked: anyway, all i wanna say is: it's okay to be craving. it's natural. the most important thing is that you're not hard on yourself. IT GETS EASIER. like any eating habit it's so hard to get rid of, but once you do, you feel liberated. when you feel like craving watch a veganism video, make yourself something yummy vegan to eat. fill your life with positivity and everything will be ok. and if you eat dairy this one time you couldn't resist? that's ok, too. we're only human and we're all imperfect<3

thank you babe! i’ll try to keep that in mind :)

wowsovegan asked: Hey, if you have a whole foods, fruitfull yeild or any other health store near you they will most likley sell vegan substitutes :) And you can still eat pizza hut, just yesterday I ordered a pizza from them. Just order it with no cheese, and add vegetable toppings (also only the thin crust is vegan). It tastes a little different, but after a while you will adjust and non vegan things will seem gross to you :)

thank you :)

can any vegans give me a little advice?

i’m a fairly ‘new vegan’ and i’m really, REALLY struggling. the meat i don’t miss whatsoever- grosses me out to even think about it- but i’m really craving baked goods that have dairy and eggs in them. being a binge eater, all that comes to mind is delicious pizzas and cosmic brownies and dairy queen blizzards and i’m driving myself nuts. i feel half-assed if i quit out and just be vegetarian, because i know the damaging effects of dairy to both the body and the planet, but currently i don’t know if i’m going to be able to maintain this. i’m vegan for both health and ethical reasons. any help? :( does it get easier? will i ever stop missing pizza hut? lol.

Friendly reminder


Just because you haven’t been inpatient, you still deserve recovery.
Just because you have never been underweight, you still deserve recovery.
Just because you are recovering without professional help, you still deserve recovery.

Do not let your eating disorder trick you into thinking you don’t deserve help.

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